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Roles of Parents In Eradicating Cramming - ETCSINES

Roles of Parents In Eradicating Cramming

Parents/ Guardians setting standards for their wards has been the norm in most homes which involves getting top grades in examinations. The sad news is that most of these parents never topped any of their classes while they were in school and only want to achieve this through high expectations set for their wards. 

Sadly, in achieving this expectation of theirs, they are not bothered on the means through it is being achieved....they do not want to know the "How" rather all they are interested in is the "Result." 
     Most of these wards/students do not desire to be the family's black sheep or outcasts. They long for pats at the back, a proud smile from Mommy or Daddy, showing how proud they are. A gift in celebration of their As that they apply any means that comes across their way even which is cramming which is most preferable as they cannot risk not getting high grades. Their attention has been shifted to getting As to make their parents or guardians proud rather than actually Learning for present and future use.

     Having said all of the above, how can these parents put an end to cramming. I believe the first step is not being obsessed with receiving high grades from their wards. Before you jump into conclusion, I'm not saying wards should not be encouraged to do more, attain for more, leave their comfort zones and aspire for higher grounds. All of these are good and should be practiced by every parent. However, it shouldn't go overboard, wards should not be made uncomfortable, locked in, grounded in their rooms, denied trips because they failed to measure up to a certain standard set by their parents which leave most students with no other option than cramming in order to meet up with these standards.
       Parents can also be actively involved in the reading process of their wards. Monitor and supervise them personally to ensure they have been reading way before examinations. Ask them questions from previous examinations to ascertain if they actually read or crammed for it. Encouraging their wards rather than pressurizing to read effectively not just for the sake of good grades presently but also to enhance their being a better person in the future.
   Every parent should come across articles in this category. Tell a parent to tell a parent to be involved and ensure their wards are actually reading and not cramming.

#Save Nigeria's Educational Sector 
#Together We can All Achieve this
#Stop Pressurizing Wards For High Grades 
#Encourage Them And Be Involved 
#God bless Nigeria

Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (DuwaDiva)

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