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Some Ways To Avoid Cramming - ETCSINES

Some Ways To Avoid Cramming

It is getting less easy with every passing second, your eyes gradually becomes heavy and your head tilts to one side with fatigue you never planned for, sitting down and reading is a habit you can learn. Most importantly it is a skill, and like most habits , it can be learnt afresh.

Majority of students still has the habit of “cramming,” which for me, is the entirely wrong approach to study.
This method of cramming is used most times before tests and exams right ,when It appears as if the exams jump out of nowhere and threatens us with failure. Luckily, there are reading habits that would help you refresh and abandon cramming. We would briefly examine four habits.

Early Start
I would agree that it the most difficult habit to pick up if you keep postponing your reading time or schedule,but it important. Cramming is an attempt to gather a lot of information in a short time but it is easily forgotten after a few weeks. Having sleepless nights and trying to cram a night before the exam only makes you tired and fatigued, so start now and make steady progress.

Read When You Feel Good
if you have an habit of making effort to keep awake while reading, most of your energy is being drained through yawning and trying to get a fresh cup of coffee or anything you feel can keep you awake,some students have actually tried putting their legs in a bowl of water
 in order to stay awake. As a project, take note of your habits everyday and most especially when you feel alert and sharp e.g.After just waking up or before Any tasking chore. Your aim is to avoid reading at the time you actually feel tired, you will actually make a lot of effort but with little progress.

Try to Rewrite Your Notes
Most of the notes we take during lectures are done in a hurry and most times our attention is focused on quickly taking down the notes. If you Rewrite your notes at a calm and serene time When you can focus on the information, it actually becomes very beneficial. When you write by hand It enhances your learning process because it gives you “motor memory,” which will help you recall when you want to remember the facts.

Study in a Smart Way
Some styles adopted while reading actually makes you assimilate less and spend more time reading. Some people use flash cards and make small jottings, others test themselves , others take notes and some underline the words or highlight material. The way out is to examine yourself by using different methods and identify your strong point. A research carried out has shown that the most used and common styles were not as effective as testing yourself over time On the materials you have read.

These habits are not exhaustive but only part of what can guarantee your success,but they are certainly better and more effective options that enables you to certainly put an end to cramming.

Written by: Barrister Tola Arawomo

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