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The Exam Tension - ETCSINES

The Exam Tension 

Seated in the hall as I awaited the invigilator to give me a question paper, I looked around the hall and sighted Jane all sweaty and gross looking trying to decide answers to the questions. 

John! John!!  She whispered "what have you written? "
"I just got my question paper ," I replied. The exam looked so simple,  I couldn't imagine failing. Everyone was blank headed, I was really scared. Did I really know the answers , was I sure of the answers? Questions kept popping up in my head. I constantly failed my exam and that got me scared to eternity. The whispers increased, I was going crazy in my head. It was more of a discussion than an exam, the fear of failing reduce and that of being caught for malpractice increased. 

Tick tick tick tock
Time began to fascinate me. I was sick of getting prescriptions as answers Time to think was over Scripts were collected Questions were reviewed If only, if only I had eased my self of tensionI could have boasted of being the best among my peers I took rash decisions just to pass I really can't tell if I'll pass now
Till the results are out. 

Written by : Eniolorunda Oluwapamilerinayo  (Waye_Pam)

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