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The Home Library - ETCSINES

The Home Library - ETCSINES

Home library is were books are kept for the purpose of acquiring knowledge. These books are gotten from different field of knowledge, e.g. Science books, Art books or Commercial books. The purpose in which this book are there is to get children ready for what is ahead of them in the future. The Home Library is also known as an avenue for making children choose department they want to be when they get to the senior secondary school or probably Tertiary institutions.
It is noteworthy to say that the home library is a place were morals, information’s, research work (reading) are carried out by the occupants of that particular house hold. In other words a home library should not be where academic books are only kept alone. It is where morals are been learnt and information are been acquired. 
According to Human Relation Research, Most Parents in Nigeria believes that the only book their child should read must academic books that improves their grades in school. The truth remains that if the child only read academic books and improves grade, there is a greater tendency for the child to be lacking in some other areas such as self development. 

Knowledge is power, in the light of these we should endeavor to make our home library not only equipped with academic books but also let books from different field be made available for the children to read, books like adventure, sci-fi, comedy, history books and so on.
Another point worthy of note is that the Average Nigeria Parents might not have an Home Library and the possibility of the children making use of it if it exist is very low. One of the way to cultivate a good Reading habit of a child/students is to place that child/students in an atmosphere of reading. 
 Furthermore, one of the reasons why Nigeria Educational Sector is failing and why African are sometimes looked down upon is because of the absence of a platform where self development can thrive. 
My advice to all parent in Nigeria today is that they should try to provide an atmosphere of learning for their wards whereby creating or making available the necessary equipment needed in the home library. 
Home Library is an important tool in Reawakening the Reading Culture in Nigeria Student and help them surpass the challenge of Cramming. 

Written by: Afuye Olumide

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