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The Last Exam Failure - ETCSINES

The Last Exam Failure - ETCSINES

No one wants to fail, No one wants to be tagged a failure. While some see failure as an opportune to do more and get the desire result, others sees it as the *End of the Road*. No Matter the way you see it, one thing is certain, *failure is an opportunity to try again better than before*. Also, it depends on the way you view, observe or see it, *some do not see it as failure, they see it as a Stepping Stone*. 

This write-up is directed to those who had fail when they wrote an exam and they think the only option left for them to offload such course is to Cram. When a student fails a particular course, they are series of idea that pops up in his or her mind. According to Human Relation Research, it was discovered that the first thought that comes into the mind of that student is to cover up for the failure and the medium in which that can be carried out.

Out of desperation and lack of time to prepare for such exam and the need for success, so many students have opted for Cramming. Take a look at it, one of the things that tend to happen when an exam is failed by a student is that the stigma of failure set in, lack of adequate time to prepare for other course. What goes on in the mind of the student is the way to offload the extra luggage. #Carry Over

Our advice to Student who falls into this category is to never opt for Cramming because it will do them no good. The knowledge expected to be impacted in such course will never be impacted.

We Say No To Failure
we Say Yes To Exam Success
We Say Yes To Getting Exam Success the Right Way

I Remain Timileyin Oni "God's Intellectual".

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