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The Mindset of Parents towards the Cramming System - ETCSINES

The Mindset of Parents towards the Cramming System - ETCSINES

Looking at it from the *African parent angle*,I want to opine that all parents wants to get the best result from their ward and it is of cos the joy of any parent to be regarded as the *Mother* of a first class student, therefore this makes the child do whatever it takes to come out with a first class.

The issue now is: The child graduates with a first class but the parent dont know if the child crammed for it or actually read, assimilated and understood the course of study. All what is expected is a good result. 

The question is what happens to the child after graduation, what  becomes of the grade the child finished with? Can it be defended?
Parents need to curb the rate at which they pressurise for the best result. 

*NOTE*: I am not against good grades but how you get it is very important. We shouldn't be to petinent about the grade but also what you can deliver.

I stand against cramming.
I support defendable grades.
I choose to go with ETCSINES.

Omolola Adeboye Adekunle 
B.Sc Mass Communication.

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