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The Parent Factor: An Introduction - ETCSINES

The Parent Factor: An Introduction - ETCSINES

A very big topic to consider, a topic that cannot be swept under the carpet. A topic that is pertinent to the ongoing campaign. A study that will show the role parents play in the *"Cramming System*"
Parents are known to be the first point of learning for every child. The Mother is said to be the first teacher a child has. The first few letters a child mutters comes directly from the proportions of words the mother communicates to the child and the child's ability to retain it consciously or unconsciously. 

As important as parents are, they are seen as gods and they influence most of the decision of their Children at an early stage and in extreme cases, throughout the life span of that child. The attitude and disposition of a child is characterized by the level of parental upbringing the child encounters while growing up and when grown up. It beats our imagination how parents have influenced their children.

In relation to the Cramming System, we will be giving you write-ups concerning the role of Parents in aiding and abetting the Cramming System in Nigeria Educational Sector. 

Say No To Cramming
Say Yes To Reading
Let Reawaken The Reading Culture Of Nigeria Student

I Remain Timileyin Oni "God's Intellectual".

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