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The Syllabus System 2 - ETCSINES

The Syllabus System 2 - ETCSINES

It's true slow and steady wins the race but a slow steady and distracted runner loses the race. I remember when I was in primary school, such an easy world I lived easily to read and easy to recite, easy to be strong and easy to do what I was told. Effortlessly I pursued the road to success.
Quantitative was my best, vocabulary building was great. I loved the joy of childhood but I hungered growth. Double promotion came knocking, but my parents declined (it's true it was meant for smart kids). I called it being mean, most of my friends were now in higher classes but little did I know it was a blessing in disguise. Growing up was becoming harder than easy, the road to success was becoming a difficult path to thread.

I moved to the second step up, so glad I was in high school. My mates were already writing junior WAEC, they called it difficult easily. It was easy to call it difficult too but that didn't get in my way. My friends confessed 15 subjects was a workload to study, their brains were not matured enough. They had to read intensively before each paper to cram all they could. A few of them scaled through and others repeated the class, it wasn't the learning of alphabets that was done here. The first, second and third term work was going to be examined in an hour and thirty minutes, I must admit it got more difficult as we grew. 

A few of us scaled through to the tertiary phase, as happy and joyous as we were it was difficult to practice what we had read. The journey began to feel like a burden, it got a lot harder. We had to write exactly what was in the lecture notes, the lazy ones began to cram. It's true we had lesser classes, did more practicals and projects but the further we went the more difficult it became. A lot began to pursue success rather than knowledge. I got tempted but I aligned my zeal for knowledge with success. 
Being slow steady and focused are determinants to win the race. 

Written by: Pamilerin Erinolorunda (Waye_Pam)

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