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The Syllabus System 3 - ETCSINES

The Syllabus System 3 - ETCSINES

It is easy to proclaim Determination concerning a worthy goal but it takes the grace of God to achieve it to the end. My primary School days was fun to the best of my Knowledge but when I came into secondary school, the reverse was the case. I could remember that while I was in primary school, how syllabus was something my brain could carry, it was the elementary level, I had so many options, my brain was sound and healthy. We close early from school, I didn't do much of house chores. I came back from school with food waiting for me. 

When I got to secondary school, the case was different, they were so many interrelated subjects, I had to have noted for each one, each one of them had 15 topics that needed to be covered in a term, there was no other option than to opt for the easy way #Cramming. 

The easy way became fruitful when after every term I saw my results and I topped the class, how wonderful it was but on a long run, I couldn't defend what I had, it was as if I had amnesia after every written exam. I was the best in the class but first to lose all that was learned in that particular session, the idea was there but it was like a fainted ink which cannot last for long. I was always a regular candidate for debate and quiz, you should know what I did before each competition, I Crammed.

Same method, Same Results, I enter into the University System, this time, I discovered we had Lecturers not teachers, the syllabus never changed it remained the same way.
Looking at the syllabus system, I think it has one-way or the other made me what I am today, I had to gather some knowledge that was not needed. I think a time should come when our syllabus system be revisited and student should be made to take courses pertaining to their view and I think that time is now.

Let join hands and change the Educational system in Nigeria
Let Stand for Etcsines
God bless Nigeria Student

Writer: Timileyin Oni (God's Intellectual)

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