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The Syllabus System 4 - ETCSINES

The Syllabus System 4 - ETCSINES

The life in the primary, secondary and tertiary are far different from each other. In primary school, the workloads are so much that the teachers only follow the syllabus and ignore the integrity of the student been taught, which makes some result to cramming. A child of 4-8 years of age should not be expected to study from 8am-4pm and still be expected to study nine to fifteen subjects during the examination period. Which means the irrelevant subjects are more than the relevant subject. The older we became the lesser the workload and the higher the expectation. 

My dad once told me "he whom much is given much is expected", that's the situation we all find ourselves in secondary school. The Junior Secondary School workload is very much to the extent you repeat one single topic in almost five subjects. Getting to the Senior Secondary School the work became easier, we got to different department and the subjects reduced and made it more welcoming to study but the syllabus still gets in our way because no one cares about the knowledge that has been impacted on the student what the school cares about is to cover the syllabus and lazy ones result to cramming.

Thinking the Tertiary institution would be my escape mission because no one cares if you go to lectures or not. But here comes the piling up of lecture note and lectures requesting for what I will call photocopy during the exam. The students have no other option than to cram. The saying slow and steady wins the race does not apply to Nigeria educational system whereby only the syllabus matters and not the knowledge that has been passed to the students. The Nigeria education syllabus has to be revisited and proper amendments have to be made in putting the germane subjects and removing the irrelevant ones. 

I support Revisiting the syllabus.
I Support Etcsines

Written by: Afuye Olumide

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