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The Syllabus System 5 - ETCSINES

Looking back at my experiences so far with the Syllabus System in Nigeria's Educational Sector at its different stages, which has been broadly divided into three, that is, the primary, secondary and tertiary with each leading to the other in that order. 

The primary school syllabus experience for me was normal and effortless. I was able to relate well to the work system. The secondary school, however, was a novelty to me, especially because I was inexperienced and so young. My early Mathematics classes, I would sit in class, directly in front of the blackboard, blink hard severally and try to comprehend the terms on the board and before I knew it, tears would start streaming down my cheeks.

I can remember my Mathematics teacher then would catch me crying and would ask me why with great concern. I would shake my head on such occasions, telling her I was fine and try to concentrate and comprehend once again. This weighed me down until my mother noticed and arranged extra lessons with my Mathematics teacher. I attended extra lessons for Mathematics all through my stay in Secondary school. I was doing well in other subjects even though they were new to me also. 
I must commend the Secondary School Syllabus System at this point, unlike my Primary school days, we were given "Scheme of Work" every start of a new term. For serious students, that was an advantage as it helped to prepare ahead of classes.

Tertiary institution's Syllabus System was the most liberal and yet most tasking. Failure was so very easy, a mistake in a single course or two can mar the grade point (GP) you've been building so far. To make matters worse, there was no Headmaster or Principal to enforce discipline, also no class teachers to make sure you are not slacking. Except for few Mother-like or Father-like lecturers who would take time to advise undergraduates and emphasize the importance of taking reading seriously. 

Judging from my experiences so far with the Nigerian  Educational Syllabus System. I believe the onus falls on the student to manipulate the Syllabus System to his/her own advantage. Especially the "Scheme of Work" provided in the Secondary stage and "Course Outline" in the university stage which gives students room to read ahead even before classes and conclude it all before the examination. Thus, there is no excuse for cramming on the part of the student. 


Written by : Aduragbemi Akintepede (DuwaDiva)

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