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The Syllabus System 1 - ETCSINES

The Syllabus System 1 - ETCSINES

While I was growing up, I  remember my backpack then in primary school was always looking like a 'mission impossible' but as time passed, I was done with the Primary phase of education and was preparing for the secondary education.

I was hoping that the same way I used to carry my truck load of books was just going to continue, little did I know that I have specific days for certain classes, and I am only expected to bring the subject I have for that day...that was a soothing relief.
Before I could say 'Jack Robninson', that secondary phase was also gone and it was time to face the Tertiary phase of my educational life.
On getting to the university I discovered that I had lesser class but greater expectations.
The assignments,the group works, semester projects and all. 

This is it: following my short story we would discover that the higher I was moving, the lesser my troubles, BUT the higher the academic performance.
What I am trying to put across in a nutshell is that...
The problem dosent solely lies in the school syllabus, but with the students who are not ready to work.
Many atimes the syllabus seems too cumbersome in the sense that they want the students to get so many things covered in just a very short time thereby rushing the students and compounding what they have to store in their brains leaving them with no option than to subscribe to CRAMMING.
I opine that the syllabus of schools be revisited, and more importantly, students shouldn't be rushed to learn too many things at a time so that they can assimilate at a reasonable pace.
Remember: Slow and steady they say wins the race.

I support reduced workload.
I am for ETCSINES.

Written by: Omolola Adeboye Adekunle 
B.Sc Mass Communication

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