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The Syllabus System "Our Final Take" - ETCSINES

We have been on a Journey, a week journey I must confess, going through the syllabus system in Nigeria Educational Sector. We have received views, thoughts and opinions from a different perspective, while some agree that it should be revisited, others said even though it might appear cumbersome, it should not give students the license to opt for the easy way.

After all said and do, we believed that if the reading Culture of Nigeria Student must awaken through the syllabus system and the Nigeria student would say no to Cramming, there must be a consensus of thought to shape the mind of the people. 

On this note, this is our final thought on the syllabus system, the ministry of education should first give a rethink on the cumbersome nature of each syllabus in the Nigeria Educational System. Secondly, an avenue should be created for students which have passed through this system and are educationally inclined to add their take and help them redesign it. 

Furthermore, they should a practical demonstration of each subject taught or learnt in the syllabus irrespective of the level as to which it is learnt. With this in mind we believe that Nigeria Educational Sector will receive new light and the change in the mindset of the students towards Cramming will be achieved.

I Say Yes To Revisiting of The Syllabus System. 
I Support Etcsines.

I Remain Timileyin Oni (God's Intellectual)

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