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The Syllabus System ( We Don't Have A Say ) - ETCSINES

A proverb in the Yoruba kingdom says that it is the wisdom of the old and the young that makes up the city of Ile-Ife. How true is this proverb, we are about to find out in the piece.

At an early stage in our lives due to our inability to think for ourselves, act for ourselves and decide for ourselves, we were subjected to the knowledge of the people who claim to be advanced in Wisdom, stature and class. Some group of Intellectual came together, decided that this is what fits us and this is what we should do. Due to our inability to decide for ourselves and our submission to higher authority we agreed. We accepted this ideology and it became our part and parcel of lives.

This Ideology, way of learning and thinking became the cornerstone for every normal Nigeria Student. Today, I tell you emphatically, a time has come for there to be a change. There is a need for us to check what we have been given in our ignorance and to know if it still align with the system in which the world is right now, no one is saying we should change it but all we are clamouring for is a rethink of it and possible way in which we should be included the adjustment that will be made to it. 

The knowledge they say increases day by day, what is invoke some few years back ago, will be obsolete today. Must we continue to use the knowledge of the old, if Yes, how has it been able to help the present generation and what guaranteed it's success in the successive generation?

There is the need for us to take charge of our lives and destiny and decide on what we want, there is a need for us to take part in the formation of the syllabus system in Nigeria Educational Sector. We have produced many scholars in Nigeria that can help us form and mould a better system that will bring about the success we have waiting for and be desiring in the Nigeria Educational Sector. I say that if we can come into it then we can help the students to take advantage of it and Say No To Cramming in Nigeria

I Support an avenue for us to have a say in the syllabus system
I Support Etcsines
God Bless Nigeria

I Remain Timileyin Oni "God's Intellectual"

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