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The Upcoming/Pre-Exam Tension Syndrome - ETCSINES

The Upcoming/Pre-Exam Tension Syndrome.

The fear of failure, The zeal to prove that you can do better, the pressure from friends and family, all these and some other factors constitute the *Pre-Exam Tension Syndrome*. 

Why i would settle for less when I can achieve the desired results my parents have been expecting by adopting the *Cramming System* ? Why I would read or study when the lecturer notes share the characteristics with an encyclopedia ? Why would I read when I am at verge of having an extra year in my course of study or bound to repeat a Class ?

Why would I? A question of  *"this" or "that"*, we are set to provide answers to this panic questions this week. We will be considering how some factors can create tension and how it has affected student in Nigeria. These factors have led so many of them to Cramming and we will also be creating an awareness of these and providing solutions to it.
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Say No Cramming 
Say Yes To Reading

I Remain *Timileyin Oni "God's Intellectual*
God bless you.

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