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Top 10 Things Lagos Young ladies Need For Christmas

Truth is, it is not hearsay when people push the theory that Lagos houses the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. I agree, and I am sure you do as well. From the various girls trooping into the country 'from the abroad' to the different tribes of girls living in the center of excellence, it suffices to conclude that you will see different shapes, sizes, manners of beautiful girls all around the city.

Apart from the fact that Lagos houses the most beautiful girls in Nigeria (if not Africa *chuckles*) they also have great and bizarre tastes on their wants and needs.

Have you ever met a beautiful Lagos girl to even ask her what she wants for Christmas? You will be shocked to know their tastes and preferences. Since Christmas is just a day away, and you may want to go ahead to ask that your Lagos friend or *gehfriend* what she may want as gift for this yuletide season. Check out my lists below so that you won't be caught hanging when you hear ridiculous, ludicrous and funny things Lagos girls want for Christmas.

You ready?

1. ATM Machine:

You know how living in Lagos is, don't you? Things get pretty expensive especially during the festive season so a typical Lagos girl will want that cash cow who would not spare the rod when it comes to lavishing and spraying the 'paper'. Ask a Lagos girl what she wants this Christmas and hear her whine about:

'I just want that guy who will take me out to the movies, buy me shawarma, go riding at GetArena and do dinner at Federal Palace Hotel. I want that ATM Machine guy who is ready to be at my beck and call anytime any day.'

Hellurr, if you are eyeing that Lagos girl this Christmas season, you better think twice or make sure your pockets are full. Full enough to handle the cash an ATM machine handles in a day!

Feel me?

2. Escape to Dubai, France or Maldives:

Ask any Lagos girl what her hobby and hear her scream SHOPPING and LOUNGING! Trust me, I know.

A Lagos friend was talking about a guy she met a week ago, how loaded 'she thought' he was and how she will not let him go this Christmas. When I asked her why she said she had been dreaming of shopping in Dubai and relaxing in the Maldives.

Oh my goodness, I screamed. I asked if she was going to use her money or her father's money to achieve this, but she told me, she would leverage her ATM boyfriend (imagine she had already started calling him, her boyfriend).

An amazing gift for a typical Lagos girl will definitely be a trip to the Dubai, walking through the sands, shopping at the expensive malls and finally hitting the Maldives for a nice dinner in the middle of the ocean.

You don't still believe this? Ask that Lagos girl sitting next to you on your journey to your village. You'll be shocked!

3. Toke Makinwa type of bags:

The craze for luxury items by Lagos girls is out of this world.

A small but expensive luxury vintage bag will definitely make the day of a Lagos girl anytime. They even take it a little step further. You see those big handbags that can hold those needless clothing accessories and unnecessary items. I mean those very big bags Lagos girls carry for fashion sake? They want as many of these bags as possible.

Not just the ordinary cheap 'thrifty' bags but the Toke Makinwa kind of luxury bags. Ask that Lagos friend of yours, you will see I am very correct!

4. Iphone8:

With the increasing craze in the use of iPhone nowadays, and the extent to which most Lagos girls can do anything to clutch the luxury piece. A new iPhone8 will definitely be on a Lagos girl's bucket list this Christmas. If it isn't there, then she is not a Lagos girl.

I am sure you know already!

5. Bobbi Brown MakeUp Kit:

Who does not want a beauty enhancer? Definitely not a Lagos girl. Now that Bobbi Brown MakeUp is in Lagos. Ask anything Lagos girl which beauty enhancer she wants and you will hear her saying:

'Baby, can you upgrade my MakeUp box? You know I need to look beautiful for you. My BlackUp kit is a bit outdated. Can you fill my kits with the luxury Bobbi Brown?

Lagos girls and Makeup is just like Monkey and Banana. I am sure you are aware of this already!

6. MakeUp upgrade class:

All Lagos girls want to turn their A-game on when it comes to Make Up. The reason why you see a lot of artificiality and competition. Natural beauty isn't just enough for them. They definitely need enhancers, and so, a Make upgrade glass will definitely come in handy at this period.

Who doesn't want to look beautiful for the next ATM machine that will come her way? Huh?

Ask that Lagos girl what she wants for Christmas. Do not say I did not tell you so.

7. Human Hair:

This is just a no-brainer. Almost every Lagos girl you see on the street of Lagos has either a wig kept somewhere in the house, an expensive human hair wrapped delicately in her closet or a luxury human hair on her wishlist.

Nwanneka, a luxury human hair entrepreneur in Lagos recently acquired a Mercedes saloon car from the sale of a human. In fact, Lindaline_Luxury had to do a double import of Human hair from 'the abroad' to meet the December demand of Human hair by Lagos girls.

For Lagos girls, going natural is just a No-No, the human hair will definitely be on their wish-list. Ask her now, you will know!

8. A Car:

Despite the fact that a Lagos girl knows how devilish Lagos traffic can be. She prefers to sit in a luxury car chilling in the traffic to jumping the rickey yellow buses and Uber cars.

In fact, a typical Lagos girl would not mind if her Santa (ATM Machine) acquired that Range Rover, or G'Wagon as Christmas gift. Check it out, this is always on their bucket list, waiting to be crossed out.

9. Face or Butt lift/ Cosmetic surgery:

Competition between who is the most beautiful girls in Lagos is rife. Friends compete with each other, colleagues take a swipe at one another. There is jealousy everywhere among Lagos girls, a situation which led to increase and decrease their confidence level.

A typical Lagos girl is usually not too confident in her skin. Ask her, just ask her, you will know. A lot of them desire that better boobs, the curvy hips, and the shapely model curved legs and figure.

Wait a minute, did you hear about the Tonto Dike recent cosmetic surgery? Go and check comments on her Instagram page and notice how loads of Lagos girls want to do same. That is Lagos girls for YOU. You want to call my bluff? Ask that Lagos girl next to you what she wants for Christmas and thank me later!

10. Husband

Where are my single sisters at?

You have a 27 single and unmarried Lagos friend? Ask them what they yearn for this Christmas, you will be shocked to see how they yearn for that Prince Charming to come and sweep them off their feet, the reason why you will find most of them in public places, events, and hangout spots this Christmas. They are not only at these locations to have fun, they also want to help their single situation! LOL!

A lot of these single ladies will never admit that they are single and searching, but take a look at their wishlist and you see that, "finding a good, caring and loving husband" will be occupying the number one position. With the craze for public proposals nowadays, putting a ring on that Lagos girl's fingers will sum up a beautiful year for her.

Hey single brothers, this Christmas is the best time to catch 'dem chicks' in Lagos and put a ring on it! Go find that pretty sister and put a ring on it!

Do you have other additions or you think I missed something out on this list above? Drop your list as well, let us all have fun together this Christmas!

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