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Wole Soyinka talks on Point the finger at Passing and activities of Socia Media Mechanized Mumus

Point the finger at Passing, Online networking Robotized Mumus – The New Year Blessing To A Country By Wole Soyinka 

Its pernicious claque meanwhile, the robotized mumus of online networking, rehearsed in sterile avoidance and trivialization of basic issues, unwittingly hold hands with government to enjoy accuse passing and verbally abusing – the two sides with various targets. 

n the acclimated custom, I wish the country less wretchedness in the coming year. A honest to goodness Glad New Year Welcome is likely excessively indulgent a desire. 

The going with news cutting from June,1977 came into my hands randomly. It is forty years of age. It catches the unenviable puzzler that is the Nigerian country. It is however an awesome end-of-year picture to take into the coming year, not just for the individual now in charge of government, General Buhari, yet for a people without a doubt credited with the most dumbfounding level of tolerance and abstinence on the African landmass – aside from obviously among themselves, when they transform into ruthless monsters. At the point when a considerable lot of us are happily left, a refreshed interpretation of this same section – with a difference in cast all over – will without a doubt be recreated in the media, with similar plausible excuses, the same in-manufactured panacea of accuse passing. 

Give this a chance to be called to our aggregate memory. Indeed, even before the present version of the fuel emergency, different difficulties, requiring prompt fix, had started to hoard national consideration, consigning to the sidelines the objection for an essential and comprehensive way to deal with the wearisome cycle of native injury. This has been communicated most as of late, and close all around in "Rebuilding", characterized direct as an uncommon upgrade of Nigerian articles of conjunction in a more judicious, fair and decentralized way. Such an update, the re-situating of the connection between the parts and the entire offers, it has been unequivocally contended, prospects of a nearer administration consciousness of, and responsiveness to national qualification. An upgrade that will close absolutely kill the regular fits of foundational failing that are in-incorporated with the present conventions of national affiliation. 

I as of late ran the gauntlet of oil lines through three advantageously arranged urban communities – Lagos, Abeokuta and Ibadan – purposely, this Friday. Indeed, even with 'unconventional' guides of section, this was no assignment for the timid. Simply moving beyond powering stations was damaging, an impediment race through fuming, baffled masses of mankind, just to end up on tremendous extends of discharged streets arguing for occupation. With respect to acquiring the oil in any case – the less said the better. I presume that this legislature has allowed itself to be tricked by the tranquility of those vacant boulevards, yet additionally by the deliberate, quiet, lenient lines that are as a matter of fact common in the downtown areas. It is time the revealing screens of government move to city peripheries and infrequently even some other internal urban areas, for example, Ikeja and Maryland every once in a while to see, and tune in! Professions –, for example, the 1977 above - again re-reverberating through repetition in 2017– are a daydream, best case scenario, a recipe that ridicules open insight. Purchasing time. Passing fault. Truly obviously, the present tribulation must be helped, and quick, however is there a measurement to it that must be conveyed to the fore, all the while and commandingly? This would do well to be the system for fathoming even a deficiency that basically incapacitated the country 

Just to think along the side for a minute - what happened to the activities by a few states about two decades back – Lagos most noticeably - to decentralize power, and in this way engage states to produce and disperse their own vitality necessities? Disappointed and in the end undermined in the most pessimistic way from the Government focus! The likeness today is alarming – for about four days on that prior event, the country was passed out close completely. We realize that one survival strategy of governments is to keep their residents oblivious over choices that influence their lives yet, this was exacting! But then each such emergency, in addition to lesser ones, only emphasize over and over that this national contraption, as it now stands, is essentially – useless!. What this requests is that, during the time spent reducing the prompt squeezing wretchedness, we don't allow ourselves to be controlled once more into overlooking the Fundamental issue whose implications correct punishments, for example, oil seizures and national power blackout. These are just two helpful, being late indications - there are a few others, yet this isn't proposed to be an index of troubles. Adequate to attract thoughtfulness regarding the Yoruba saying that goes: Won ni, Amukun, eru e wo. Oun ni, at'isale ni. Interpretation: A few voices alarmed the K-Legged watchman to the perilous tilt of the heap on his head. His reaction was - Thank you, yet the issue really dwells in the legs. 

The fortunate picture above entireties up an extremely important occasion for both individual and aggregate self-evaluation, puts being referred to the capacity of a country to benefit from past involvement. Huge assets, indeed, however demonstrated unmanageable under its present basic courses of action. As the tussle for the following round of energy gets more sweltering in the coming year, the electorate will again be controlled into dismissing the BASE ISSUE. Its dangerous claque meanwhile, the mechanized mumus of web-based social networking, rehearsed in sterile avoidance and trivialization of basic issues, unwittingly hold hands with government to enjoy accuse passing and ridiculing – the two sides with various targets. From the anguished cry of Charley Kid's Our Mummu Done Do! to compositions from scholastics, for example, Teacher Makinde's current intercession, general society is subjected every day to a determined flood of mindfulness, underlined in desperation. No one tunes in. One miracles if many individuals read. Undoubtedly, not very many hold or relate – until obviously the following emergency. The work development pronounces that it anticipates an assurance of the 'general population's sponsorship' before it sets out on any basic intercession. Justifiably. There is all that anyone could need of the opium of accuse going for tap to hush mummus into that profound extreme lethargies from which – give it somewhat more time – there must be a severe shock. 

Sooner than later, however not when promised, the fuel emergency will pass. And afterward, obviously, we should anticipate the following round of deficiencies, at that point a recommencement of accuse passing. What will be the product this time – sustenance maybe? Perhaps consumable water? In a country of bounty, nothing is past possible lack – aside from, obviously, the typical gift of pre-emptive arranging and systematic execution. Forty years after, a similar dialect of consolation? "There is something spoiled in the territory of Naija!" 


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