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Affnaija Declines Payments By 50%

Affnaija Declines Payment And Referral Bonus By 50%

Likely questions:
-Why is Affnaija now paying half per post shared?
-What is the latest development on Affnaija?
-Will Affnaija updates affect the referral bonus?

Recently, a newly established Nigeria online platform that pays users per post shared on Facebook, Affnaija, faces economic downturn. As it was reported, the unfavourable economic growth in the organization was as a result of high traffic (new members) resulting to quick withdrawal of non-available funds. So because of this menace, the organization decide to brainstorm and obtain a new policy which might/might not be favourable to existing users. Currently, on the platform, users can not withdraw their funds not until this economic downturn will be defeated.

Why is Affnaija now paying half per post shared?

Affnaija recently adopted a new policy of paying their users half of the initial payment they started with. Initially, users on N1,000 and N4,000 subscriptions are usually paid N100 and N400 per post shared respectively. But since after they have been facing some financial crisis, the pay reduced by 50% on all scales.

What is the latest development on Affnaija?

Read about the latest update on Affnaija here.

Will Affnaija updates affect the referral bonus?

It's obvious that the referral bonus would be affected so as to  recover from their downturn (but it has not be proved yet).

Users on Affnaija dropped their views on the platform on how the organization can generate revenue and stand to fit again. 

Below are their views:

1. Olalekan Daniel says:

29/01/2018 at 1:05 am


2. Lamidi Simiyu Adeyemi says:

29/01/2018 at 5:04 am

My advice for affnaija management is to reduce d amount of referral bonus so company will enable to make profit don’t just fold up like dat Nigeria has depend on your company den less banned Agent from d company you can continue with withdraw system but it will base on minimum before promoter can be withdrawn money or base your withdraw to month ending all dis system I mention will let affnaija make more profit long lives affnaija Long live Nigeria pls don’t fold up is not best issue less continue with good system thanks

3. Muntari Nasiru says:

29/01/2018 at 8:34 am

It’s obvious that they are closing. What a shame! Let me wait for the incubation period before I go my way.

4. Tope Adeyemi says:

30/01/2018 at 2:21 am

Admin! You are on point with the new development of 5% bonus on everyday shared advert, meaning one get half of his investment plus his investment fund if he is not defaulted in the daily advert. Now the next is how to open up registration so that the advert on product could gain more ground for patronage. Long live affnaija…

5. gbogboade mustapha says:

29/01/2018 at 11:51 pm

There should be a strategic means to make things better instead of folding up

6. Uwem Bassey says:

29/01/2018 at 11:18 pm

Affnaija should simply get Google AdSense, so they can generate earnings through traffic, being that they get members visiting the site regularly. Giving these excuses of being broke isn’t good to hear. Get Google AdSense and generate earnings! Thanks

7. Oluwashina Abass says:

29/01/2018 at 7:34 pm

It is a very brave one to have come out blunt, thumbs up to u guys but i want us to forget about the referral bonus thing it is the number one thing that had killed dis system…….my opinion though.

8. Eze Nnamdi Theophilus says:

29/01/2018 at 4:23 pm

I know that this is a very big challenge but there must always be a solution. How about moving into these suggestions;
1 Reducing the earning from 200% to 100% per month.
2 Reducing the referral bonus that one will earn per registration.
3 having a limited amount that one can withdraw from his or her account per month and it must not exceed the minimum amount depending on the person subscription.
4 Making it a mandatory for every participant of Affnaija to take part the lottery daily before he could share. Otherwise no share for the person. Doing so will enable Affnaija to generate more money from the system that they will use fund for new subscribers.
5 There should be a transaction fee for every money that one transfer from his account to another person account. Let say 5% of the amount of money that one want to transfer.

With this l believed we can stand even when jumia , Conga , etc are not meeting up with the requirement. Long live Affnaija.

9. Phillipi Ayomiposi says:

30/01/2018 at 8:09 am

And we should be allowed to use our funds to buy goods on jumia,,, just a suggestion

10. Ighorodje Prince says:

29/01/2018 at 2:13 pm

I must admit you guys had/have a very wonderful concept. Getting 100 sales daily for a product of let’s say 5k is 50k. Which is 1.2m monthly.

But the mistake now is there was no backup plan. No “What if?”. Most successful business you see and hear of today don’t just rely on one plan.

Apart from generating revenues from sales and subscriptions, I strongly recommend you invest in foreign exchange.

Take for example banks, there’s no way on earth they can be paying staffs just by saving people’s money. Apart from holding and paying customers money deposited, they also pay interests monthly. Where do you think they get the interests from?

If you add trading forex and/or cryptocurrency to your means of generating revenues, I’m sure it will really help a lot. If you don’t have a knowledge about it you can hire an expert or better still use the service of “imarketslive”. They are the best when it comes to forex. You can do a research about them.

I learnt there are about 200 pending registrations. Let’s say they all want to invest 4k each (I’m pretty sure some will opt in for the 7k and 10k plan) that’s about 800k. Out of that money invest 200k in forex using imarketsLive.

So my advice is

1. Open registration: to get new customers and revenues.

2. Invest in forex/cryptocurrency: copy the lasting secret of banks. hire an expert to help in this area or subscribe to a service. I recommend ImarketsLive.

3. Leave everything the way it is currently. The referral bonus, member to member transfer and selling of funds to agents.
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