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An Introduction to the word "Motivation" - ETCSINES

An Introduction to the word "Motivation" - ETCSINES

She walks into the classroom majestically, she was good at what she does, she was ready to do justice to the topic in the course outline. No objection, she is extremely good at this job, teaching was her passion, the students all had a consensus that the reason you would want to skip her class had not yet been born, we were always ready to here what she has to say in each of her classes. 

Hold on for a seconds!!! Dont let her walk deceive you, her walk and her facial expressions did not match. On this faithful day, the difference between the two was noticeable. There was something different about her face today, the glow was not there, that sparkling smile that add flavor to her words seems to be lost, she looked like a mother hen who just lost one of her chick to an hawk. What could be wrong with our Mistress?  Her first sentence said it all  "Our topic for this week is Motivation". 

As it is commonly known, the reason why most things are done in life is tied to one word called "Motive". Your motive can either be wrong or right. You can either be motivated by someone or something, either ways, both enable you achieve the desire result. Our topic for this week is centered on the basic reasons why student Read or Cram. 

If we are to consider this topic carefully, we will be giving definitions of what motivation really means, the laws of motivation, it's effect on Reading and Cramming, the factors that aid such type of Motivation, Can a Student be motivated to Read or Cram. There is so much more to learn from this topic this week. You will also want to find out what happened to my teacher, what could have taken the pleasure of teaching from her face. Find out so much more in this topic. 

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