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Does Extra Curricular Activities Aid Reading? - ETCSINES

Does Extra Curricular Activities Aid Reading? - ETCSINES

Moderacy is a word said by many but used by few in the generation we find ourselves. How do you cool off an over-heating computer, it's very simple, Turning it off for a while. Human being ain't a computer, likewise, we are not toys, one of the functions of a toy is to create fun or serve as a form of recreation to the holder. The moment you lose priority over what lies ahead of you, it is either you "major on your minor or minor on your major". One of the ways to learn is through this activities because some of this activities bring life into the theory you have read or study.  

Extracurricular activities actually would do a lot of good than harm because nobody has ever died from taking time off to rest the brain, it is very essential if it is done in the right way. People always want to hide under the umbrella of "too much work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Of a truth we should have time to relax our brain and calm the body but what about time management, I believe if we can adequately manage our time we will find our way around and have effective time to engage in activities that will aid reading and also cultivate our learning process which actually is not bad. 

In some Nigeria secondary schools, especially the ones with boarding facility, they observe what is called PREP class at night, this is extracurricular because it's out of the normal school time schedule for every student, that's an edge for the borders.

I want to opine that the culture of EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES be re awakened in Nigeria schools where it must have died and even buried. 
NOTE: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

I support extracurricular activities if it is done with moderacy.
I choose to read by all means.

Written by: Omolola Adeboye Adekunle (B.Sc Mass Communication)

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