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Effect of Voluminous Materials and Lecture Notes on Reading - ETCSINES

Effect of Voluminous Materials and Lecture Notes on Reading - ETCSINES

As I stare at him with pity, the question that kept running in my mind was; how in the world was he going to absorb all that was written in the stack of books place on his table? To my amazement, he kept on writing. His eyes were glued to the screen of the laptop in front of me, he wanted to extract as much information he could gather. 

My inquisitive nature took the better part of me and I raised my gaze to the page number of the portable document format (PDF) file he was reading, lo and behold, I saw 750 pages. The first question I ask him was, don't tell me you are reading all this for Mr. Cletus Course, His Response was; this is the third time I am reading it. I almost fainted.

This was the story of a student I met in my 100level, as beautiful as that story was, they were some things I will love to point out because my further friendship with this student reveal alot of things I will love us to take note of. One of such is that, the student didn't become a bookworm overnight, I discovered that it started way back in his secondary schools days where he wanted to read everything and anything. He became accustomed with this habit and before you could say Jack Robinson, anything readable became his priority. 

As much that was good, it also had it disadvantages, the student became an ardent reader to the extent that he could consume a whole text book in a short period of time and not only read but could understand everything he has read. Where the problem lies was his inability to be able to read the right materials for the right course. Due to his love for Reading and acquiring knowledge, he read wide and no matter how big the lecture notes were, he could cover it.

Problem started cropping up when he level of reading didn't amount to the level of grade he had, there were so many factors that caused it, and this factor were important but for the benefit of this write-up, we will stick to the germane one. One of such factor was consuming the right materials, due to his love for Reading, he read at large and loose focus of his major Priority. 

What am I saying? It good to read, it good to read wide but let it be done with the mindset of gaining something needed for a particular time but just for Reading sake, our Lecturers and Teachers should please give us materials that are relevant to the course and just don't bombard us with irrelevant material all because they want to earn money or help their fellow lecturer. I believe if this is done, voluminous material and Lecture Notes would not be a problem or pose any challenge.

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