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Extra Curricular Activities - ETCSINES

What is extra curricular activities? 
The word “extracurricular” can be broken down into its roots for a literal explanation: “extra” means “outside” and “curricular” refers to all of the work you do in the classroom. So extracurricular activities are just activities that you do outside of class.  

We have different types of extra curricular activities but I  will be taking your mind on a journey through Academic Activities, such as math or science clubs or competitions, research, or writing.

Can extra curricular activities aid reading? 
You know, during the designated time for extra curricular activities students stay in the hostel, sleep in class and many more but a few! A few will keep their eyes glued to their books, the teacher or the board, we were being supervised by teachers to ensure that the due was done. So yes, it can aid reading for the lazy minded students and the students that are ready to learn. No, for the lazy students and the unfocused students. 

If yes, why hasn't it increased the number of readers? 
Extra curricular activities has not increased the number of readers because there are only a few people interested in the academic section of extra curricular activities, a few that are active in extra academic work are not fully involved as its either they are forced or they are not focused. 

If no, what are the possible solution?
Colleges need to make students understand the reason for the extra activities, I encourage forcing students to remain orderly during designated time. Plus...all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, a little seriousness and a little play wouldn't make a child a dullard. 

How has it aided cramming?
Study has it that when students are forced to read or learn they have no other interesting than to forcibly assimilate or cram information intensively. 

Why do colleges engage in extra curricular activities? 
Throughout my high school this is a question that kept ringing in my head.  We were being forced to learn! Little did we know that  the school was preparing us to build the best in us through activities that had  developed talents in great individuals of the world. They did this to develop our leadership skills, to allow is to show involvement with your community, and you to make an impact. 

Has it purpose been fulfilled? 
Hmmmm... It's is on its journey to fulfillment and I can assure you that success is guaranteed. 
Written by:Pamilerin Erinolorunda (Waye_pam)

Happy New Year

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