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Factors That Motivates Reading And Cramming - ETCSINES

Factors That Motivates Reading And Cramming - ETCSINES

I would like to go straight to giving out some of the factors that influence reading and cramming but in order to give my readers a deeper understanding; I’d like to distinguish reading and cramming.

I would like us to understand that cramming is reading. When we cram we are also reading. Only thing is that we aren’t reading to know, learn and understand (Studying), rather we are reading just to do what is expected of us at a particular time (Memorizing). So we need to rather discuss extensively on cramming in order to bring each other into the know of the many disadvantages that come with cramming.

That being said, I’d like to shorten my topic to “Factors that motivate cramming”
Now let’s dive in…

1. Lack of interest in the knowledge to be gained pushes people to cram. They really don’t care much about the information they are taking in, they just want it in at all cost.

Advice: In order to learn, you have to be curious about what you are reading. Fill your mind with all sorts of questions concerning the subject matter you are reading about. That would help in building your interest.

2. Waiting until it is just a few days or hours to the time of an exam or a speech or debate or whatever you have to read for make people cram. They try to get in as much information as possible so that they can have something in their heads when it is required.

Advice: Always try to begin your reading early enough. Reading just a few hours to the event makes you worked up and stressed out. And sometimes, there’s not even enough time to go through all you need.

Choose to study rather than memorize(cram). It makes you a more knowledgeable person.

Written by: Joanna Ebreso (B.Sc Computer Science)

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