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Have Extra-curricular Activities Achieved Their Purposes? - ETCSINES

Have Extra-curricular activities achieved their purposes? - ETCSINES

What Extra-curricular activities are and reasons why they have been created which are their purposes have been explicitly discussed in details in previous articles over the week by my  colleagues. 

We learnt in previous posts that extra curricular activities are activities that are outside the scope of normal school academic works. We also learnt in yesterday's post that the purpose of these activities are to help us put academic works in practice. That is, the practical aspect of the theoretical lessons taught by teachers or lectures as the case may be, depending on the level of education in question. It has also been said that extracurricular activities help to boost one's confidence, help to improve one's social life and make schooling more interesting. We will all agree that, activities outside academic school work like sports, debate, press club, red cross movements, media and the likes are creative ways to escape from the stress that comes with rigorous academic work. 

          However, with all of the above being well said, have extra-curricular activities served their purposes over the years? I will say a big yes to an extent as it depends on the ability of the student involved to utilize or manipulate  these activities to his or her own advantage or disadvantage. 

           In explaining this better, I'll be making use of the illustration given in one of our previous posts on extracurricular activities. An illustration of Ade was given who is actively involved in football, an extracurricular activity in his school and in turn neglects his academic works.

       Let's take another look at Chinwe, a fellow student of Ade in the same class who is also involved in an extracurricular activity, Debate Society. She reads and infact makes use of new terms in her English Language classes in debates, has been able to socialize with people as a result of this activity. This same activity has boosted her self esteem and morale, she can address multitudes, air her views at any given opportunity. Student Chinwe has been reading and researching more in order to excel both in her academic school works and extracurricular activities.
Judging by the scenarios painted above, we'll observe that Student Ade could not utilize his extracurricular activity to his advantage and could not balance it with his academics and thus had to either resort to cramming or fail examinations. Student Chinwe, on the other hand, balanced the two and utilized her extra curricular activity to her advantage and thus excelled in both. 
Conclusively, the purpose(s) of extracurricular activities can only be utilized effectively by a student who can balance it with his/her academic school work. Their purposes can only be achieved by a student monopolizing their strengths to his/her overall advantage rather than falling prey to their shortcomings and being carried away by these activities. I believe for a student who is able to balance this, reading will be a normal routine for such a student and excellence at both will be guaranteed.

Writer: Akintepede Aduragbemi (DuwaDiva)

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