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How Can Student Make Reading Their Priority? - ETCSINES

How Can Student Make Reading Their Priority? - ETCSINES

Knowing how to set your priorities right is very essential. The ability of someone to know what is needful and expedient at a particular time is considered as an asset any man can posses in fulfillment of his purpose in life. If there is any adjective that has made a difference in the lives of Men; it is the word "Reading".

As a student, there are various ways in which you can make reading your priority; only two would be stated. You must be aware that the main essence while you are in school is to read. 

First off, how can you make reading an academic priority? This question brings to limelight the reason and purpose while an individual is sent to school. When the purpose of being in school is known, you have no option than to make reading your priority. There is nothing you want to achieve in school without the instrumentality of reading. It is only an individual determines to fail that ignores reading. Every individual have something they want to achieve from school and Reading is the only way in which it can be achieved.

Secondly, How do you cultivate the habit of reading? This question reveals the procedures involved in making it a priority as a student. When the truth about what makes a student great have been revealed, it is expedient for us to know how it will be implemented. In this section, you have to imbibe the ideology that this is the only way out, you will also learn to follow the following procedure which are:

1. Love Reading
2. Talk About it
3. Advise people about it.
4. Join the Congregation of Readers
5. Challenge Yourself.

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