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Laws of Motivation - ETCSINES

Laws of Motivation - ETCSINES

Students are naturally motivated to do things either right or wrong but what is the motive or scientific discipline that makes students act. What really are the laws that drive students towards this action? 

When motivation meets global reality, the opportunities for pleasure are unlimited, extinguishing the emptiness of modern life.

The reason for a motive motivates you. You are going after something, before drawing the map of achievement one must think deep into the emotions they carry and ascertain things that will make them more vicious towards achieving the goal. As a student, one must put a lot of time and effort into this and decide that there are no other options or distraction towards fulfilling these goals and dreams.

Having a mind of your own is a very important law, your decision should not get influenced by the things people say or think towards your action. You are your ultimate goal-getter, people will have different positive opinions and negative opinions too. The opinions of those you love or respect can also keep you from your achieving your goals and great success. If you give in to others’ opinions, you end up living their lifestyle and trying to achieve their goals.  Whoever you converse with on a daily basis, if they don’t have what you want and where you want to go and nothing to offer, then why listen to the nothing they have to offer? 

It's better to suffer the pain of self-discipline than to suffer the pain of regret. Spend time doing things that are worthwhile rather than wasting time on things that would affect your future negatively.

Once a student has all of this in mind it is certain that the force accelerated on the vehicle driving you towards your destination is on high speed, don't forget to not be motivated towards negative actions. 

Writer: Pamilerin Eniolorunda

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