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Possible Solutions To The Excesses Created By Extra Curricular Activities - ETCSINES

Possible Solutions To The Excesses Created By Extra Curricular Activities - ETCSINES

Am sure the write up of Wednesday has given us an insight of why extracurricular activities have not been able to improve the number of readers in the Nigeria educational sector. Today we will be looking at the possible ways or germane solution that is needed to put in place so as to improve the level of reading through extracurricular activities or introducing new methods that will advance or awaken the reading culture in Nigeria educational sector. 

The extracurricular activities in our schools should not only be limited to some activities like the drama club, news anchor, debate and other activities. Some of the students should participate in editing the school yearly magazine or their departmental journals. 

1. Most of the government secondary schools do not participate in extracurricular activities.  If the government can intervene there will be a sense of belonging to the government schools and their private counterparts.

2. Government intervention. If there are organized competition among schools of various category. There will be a reawakening among student of each institution or a competitive approach from each school. In Ekiti state, every term there is always an interschool competition sponsored by the state government and media houses in the state. This program has reawakened the reading culture magnanimously. With the intervention of the government, the private bodies will be encouraged to invest in the future of Nigeria education. 

3. Student involvement in the editing of the school yearbook or is part of writing the school journal. In Harvard law school students are involved in the editing of the school journal which has an immense impact on the reading culture of the students. If this can be introduced in the Nigeria educational sector or even in various school at all level of education it will be of great importance to the student and the Nigeria society.

4. Introducing new activities. English society, reading, yearbook, tutoring. The government should also create an organization that will ensure the prompt use of extracurricular activities in our various institutions. 

5. The importance of co-curriculum activities should be made known to the student in their first year in school so as to be prepared on what lairs ahead of them. With this, each student will be optimistic about the challenge ahead of them. With this, the reading culture that has been lost will surely be reawakened.

Written by: Olumide Bunmi

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