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The Genesis of Voluminous Materials and Lecture Notes - ETCSINES

The Genesis of Voluminous Materials and Lecture Notes - ETCSINES

Reminiscing when I started this journey of education. I only had to study the English Alphabets and the first grade level of English language. I began to gain knowledge as my brain accommodated the information rightful for its level. 

As I grew up in maturity and intellect our teachers began to give us notes on the board according to the "scheme of work, " we were told to buy books and read school novels. Ugosugo was my biggest text book at grade 4, I had a dozen of text books to read for the term, I had to read to feed my inquisitive and curious mind.

I journeyed to another level, I was glad Jss1 wasn't an easy entry! I had to read 15 subjects notebooks of which consisted of side materials(textbooks) and 45 to 180 pages respectively in 13 weeks. A subject had at least 10-15 topics in the term but only a few was tested at the end of the term,  in the third term we had to read a combination of the first second and third term to be tested under an hour and thirty minutes. 

A total of at least 675 topics were to be studied to determine the capacity of your enablement to move to a higher class. This continued for six years. In the tertiary phase of education, thinking it was going to be easier than other phases wasn't. A total of 7-11 courses were offered, each course had at least 3 bulky materials and full lecture notes. We had no choice but to study, those that couldn't either dropped out or crammed the little that they could. 

     Information that isn't needed for the growth of the brain or knowledge shouldn't be forced on students. Taking a little step at a time doesn't make you fall, truth be told it may be slow but getting to the destination is the ultimate goal. We shouldn't get students frustrated with too much to handle at a time. Once again I'll remind you that slow and steady wins the race along side with focus and determination. 

Written by: Pamilerin Erinolorunda

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