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Voluminous Materials and Lecture Notes - ETCSINES

Voluminous Materials and Lecture Notes - ETCSINES

If I was in this Class, what would I have done, would I read all or pick the important one, there is need for us to revisit the knowledge being disseminated through books and Lecture Notes to Nigeria Student. Let paint a scenario.

Good Afternoon Class, My Name is Professor  Outdated Information, I will be your lecturer for this course, before I proceed, here are the material needed for you to buy and read for this course. This particular one I am holding was written by my very good friend in 1987 and I think it is relevant for this course. Also the remaining five textbook must be purchased in various book Stores around town and must be read for you to pass this course.

The question that comes into the mind of those students is, How on earth are we supposed to cover six textbook on a particular course, beside that, we have 12 other courses to read for, with two to three voluminous material to read on. 

Both the relevant one and the Irrelevant one are been recommended for the student. We believe in reading wide but it is very essential you read the right piece of information so as to gather knowledge that are relevant for your use and can been applied in the outside. They are some information that ain't useful but because it has been used and it is widely known, the student has no option than to absorb in the garbage that was once a beautiful piece of information but has lost its taste.

Hence, this topic tends to revisit the Genesis of this materials, lecture notes and it effects on Cramming and Reading.

Written by: Timilehin Oni (God's Intellectual)

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