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What are Misplaced Academic Priority? - ETCSINES

What are Misplaced Academic Priority? - ETCSINES

Admission into a tertiary institution like a Polytechnic, college of education or University comes with a feeling of excitement ; a fantastic sense of accomplishment for the Student, more importantly after several failed attempts. At times you may discover that you are the first to achieve that kind of feat or break a particular record in your locality.

The student with fresh admission who also finds himself or herself in a distant and new environment may be carried away by the blitz and the glamour of the tertiary institution, the fresh air of independence with minimal or no interference or supervision, the abundance of various kinds of extra curricular activities and possible leisure activities, this can be overwhelming.

Alot of students get carried away by the accomplishments of admission and neglect to focus on the journey of academics activities that commence after admission. They forget to make academic activities and reading their priority. As we focus on misplaced academic priorities we shall narrow it down to the student and the choices that are made in the academic environment.

Priority has been defined as follows;
1. Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency.
2a. An established right to precedence.
b. An authoritative rating that establishes such precedence.
3. Apreceding or coming earlier in time.
4. Something afforded or deserving prior attention.
 In summary,this just indicates that the student must walk, eat,drink and sleep in academic activities, the academic activities are a mandatory priority for successin the academic environment.

However because of some of the reasons I have mentioned earlier,most students are elated and carried away and soon find themselves spending their time and countless hours on what they see as giving them the utmost pleasures.I will mention a few. Social activities :- The Environment of tertiary education is filled with abundance of social activities like Clubs, Cultural associations, faculty and departmental associations, Political associations and as many as are registered by the institution.

All this associations are engaging and will give you as much as you demand,however a student that is not disciplined can sink all the available hours into this associations and get carried away from the habits that will guarantee academic success.The ideal situation is to
observe moderation.

Spiritual activities:- As I comment on this aspect,I do so with a sense of responsibility and restraint. The spiritual environment in a tertiary institution Is energetic, limitless and boundless, after all most of the leaders of the largest religious groupsin Nigeria honed and perfected their training within the walls of an academic environment.
I have witnessed several students that were asked to withdraw from school for poor academic performance but On the other hand had excelled in spiritual activities. They had no choice, they had to leave because the admission that made them eligible for every other activity in the academic environment was no more in existence.

Sporting and physical activities:- In the secondaryschool I had come in contact with the vivid realisation that as a person that was gifted in sports You could almost completely forget that you were a student. We had abundance ofsporting activities everywhere which was also enhanced because the tertiary institution Had an abundance of sports and recreational facilities . There was no parent or guardian that would instruct you to take a break, you were a Lord to yourself.
A lot of students enjoyed the glamour and the excitement of enjoying sports and neglected their academic activities, they travelled fortunately to represent the institution who could not guarantee any preferential treatment while they were away, a lot of them had tales of woe to tell despite the accolades and medals they sometimes won.

I shall limit this discourse to just this few mentioned, as I conclude I will volunteer a quantum of advise; the ideal concept in this kind ofsituation is to observe moderation in all things. In my time as a student, I participated in sporting activities and spiritual activities very well, i have some regrets which would not have been if I had been better disciplined and got my priorities right.

The overall effect of all the excesses is that as students we wake up late to our responsibility and had to resort heavily to cramming to achieve a level of academic success, sometimes unfortunately cramming could not provide a remedy. Finally I recommend a sense of duty and moderation as this can definitely protect you from avoidable heartache. 

Thank you

Written by Tola Arawomo

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