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What is Academic Priority? - ETCSINES

What is Academic Priority? - ETCSINES

Firstly, on what scale as a student will you measure the importance of education ?

Academic priority is the establishment of theoretical activities that is not expected to produce an immediate or practical result but is in the highest status of importance and urgency. 

A lot of students throw away their priorities in education and put in efforts to achieve other goals, as a student enrolled in a school the major focus should be obtaining, maintaining and sustaining knowledge. Truth be told of you don't set your priorities right you will get wrong results. Some set their ultimate priorities as their relationships, relationships are not bad but doing wrong things at the wrong time is nothing but a pure act of irresponsibility. As a student you should not put relationships with friends or opposite sex above your academics, even the Bible makes us understand that there is time for everything so doing the right thing at the right time is an important role in setting priorities. 
 Let's set our priorities straight and right, so we don't suffer the pain of regrets but enjoy the everlasting happiness of achievement. 

Writer: Pamilerin Eniolorunda

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