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What Should Be A Student’s Priority In School? - ETCSINES

What Should Be A Student’s Priority In School? - ETCSINES

I would really like to pin point a particular thing and say that it is supposed to be the priority of a student. Maybe books, studying or extracurricular activities but the truth is that all these things are enclosed in a bigger body called “school”.

School should be the priority of a student. School consists of so many activities that are enough to keep a student busy. School is to the student as a workplace is to a worker. You can’t be called a student unless you have some form of schooling going on.

That being said, I would like to emphasize that the top of the list for a student should be school and all the activities it involves. A student should take his or her classes, assignments, competitions and extra-curricular activities with utmost seriousness (I mean also take God seriously…Very important), but excelling in school should be the priority.

School provides a lot of opportunities that students really shouldn’t miss out on (Life changing opportunities most times). If you’ve read Ben Carson’s story( which I recommend you read if you haven’t), you would see how his seriousness and his zeal to be the best in every school activity he ventured into made him grow beyond expectation in every sphere of his life.

A word is enough for the wise lovely students; “SCHOOL is your priority”.

Writer: Ebreso Joanna

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