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When Reading Is Not A Priority, What Then Becomes A Student's Priority? - ETCSINES

When Reading Is Not A Priority, What Then Becomes a Student's Priority? - ETCSINES

            Having considered the "Benefits of Reading as a Priority" and also "Misplaced Academic Priority" extensively. Today, we'll be looking at other factors that hinder students from reading or that students engage in when reading is no longer a priority to them. 

        I know the first thing cropping up in your mind, yes, MOBILE PHONES....Especially, Social Media Platforms .....We all can remember how 2go, BBM, Facebook,Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter....Games, movies, Ps games, Naija Bet and the likes almost made us fail that test, procrastinate that assignment, and almost made us carry over that course while managing to scale through with just a "D" or "E" Let-my-people-go grade.
           Remember how you were so carried away with that latest and trending seasonal movie, that new upgraded version of your favourite game, chatting and checking up latest events on that social media platform.....with the little consciousness left in you reminding you of that assignment, test or examination and you ignore it simply by procrastinating Reading to a particular time or day with the excuse that it's too voluminous and complicated, that you don't even know where to start reading from and then you end up never even starting at all.
   This brings to mind, the next stop which is RELATIONSHIPS..... we all have tales about this, be it "friendship" or "dating" as we term it in the school setting, ranging from primary to tertiary....Did you just raise a brow? Yes, even primary school students ask each other out with love letters and roses and "date" now! That's how developed and exposed our generation is. Relationships as we all know can make or mar once academic life, we've had relationships that have contributed to one's academic excellence and unfortunately, we've had those that have succeeded in pulling down one's academic standard. We spend most times gisting about the latest trends, chatting, going out with friends, stepping out in matching outfits and "slaying/rocking" the school that we forget our primary purpose which is the books piled up at a corner unattended to! We become lost in that relationship, that we care less about reading or attending classes and rather prefer visiting boyfriends/girlfriends. Sadly, we even have students in tertiary institutions living as couples in a single room, obviously such students can't have time for reading not to talk of prioritizing it! 

           We have other factors which have been discussed explicitly in our last post. Religious activities, sports activities, social activities and the likes can be distractions when done in excess. And eventually, these same students are restless during tests and examinations when they ought to be merely revising as they have not been preparing for it and resort to either Cramming or Cheating to get high grades which backfires on them mostly. Thus, I'll end on the note that "there is no other activity worth prioritizing beyond reading for students." 

#God Bless Nigerian Students 
#Make Reading Your Number One Priority as a Student 
#Read Now And Revise Later 

Writer: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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