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Why Hasn't Extra Curricular Activities Increased The Number Of Readers - ETCSINES

Why Hasn't Extra Curricular Activities Increased The Number Of Readers - ETCSINES

Questions like these are germane and expedient for all students to know in Nigeria Educational Sector, why hasn't extracurricular activities increase the number of readers when it aid reading. The following point will answer it.

 The first factor we will be looking in to is 

1 Lack of purpose: students appear to lose their sense of purpose when they refused to focus on the major subject of there doing. Some student will always attend the night prep or night class but he or she won't comprehend anything due to the lack of focus on what he or she is being teaching, like playing with friends or eating while the lesson is ongoing. As a result of this such person will not improve their academic grades.

2. Better planning and management of extracurricular activities that Will incorporate students’ preferences and reasons for participation is needed.

3 Time management and commitments: 
Time management is one of the most important factors, which the students have to consider before making any commitments. Not all students share the same ability to get work done in a given period. Students are of different kinds some need extra time to rest in order to fathom what they learned in school before having other things to do while some can cope. if a slow learner student, opting for an activity which requires a lot of hours, may create troubles for you. This may also affect their grade at school. As a result, schooling
experience will start deteriorating day by day.
However, you can tackle this problem by opting for an activity that allows you to manage time. you can work on your extracurricular activity by a range of time.

4 Interests, likes and capability matter: These extracurricular activities are self-sponsored and
hence, one needs to think well before opting for anything.

Extracurricular activities require commitments, as this program has relation to the regular schooling program. Thus, the first thing that comes to the mind while choosing an extracurricular activity is that activity is something of your interest. Nothing can be compared to the frustration of an unwanted activity. For example, if afternoon class is something you
do not prefer even if it has a good tutor you would barely make it. Hence, if you choose something merely out of blue, without any interest or passion for the activity, it will prove to be a waste of time for you.

I want to urge the Nigeria Educational body to please revive the culture of EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES in Nigeria schools where it has died and even buried.

I support extracurricular activities if those factors are put into consideration.

Written by: Bunyameen Nurudeen Shola (HND Computer Science)

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