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Why Were Extracurricular Activities Created? - ETCSINES

Why Were Extracurricular Activities Created? - ETCSINES

Extra-curricular activities are activities that are done outside the class. This definition is not to be taken literally as extra-curricular activities can be done inside the class. The phrase ‘outside the class’ there is trying to tell us that these activities are done outside the normal academic activities.

I’ll try to break it down again.
When we go to school, we stay in class and we are taught Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Biology and the list goes on. After these classes, we are asked to join a club or two. It could be Drama, Press, Science, Sports, Games, Debate and the list also goes on. We could stay in class or go outside to carry out these other activities. Now, these other activities just mentioned above are the extra-curricular activities.

Why were these activities created?

1. For Practice: Extra-curricular activities were created in order to bring some of the real practical aspects of their academics to the students. These activities have given students a means of applying what they have been taught. For example, a new word might have been taught in the English class today and a student might decide to use that new word during his or her debating activity.

2. For finding interests: Many students don’t know what they like or what they are interested in. They are in school just for the sake of going to school. Extra-curricular activities open their eyes to a wide range of things that they could be involved in from there they start understanding the things that they like being involved in, what they know how to do best and even for some, what career path they would love to pursue in life.

3. For Self-development: Extra-curricular activities provide an avenue for these students to develop themselves through constant practice. For example, a timid student that joins the press or debating club gets the chance to build on his or her confidence while addressing people or even start reading good books in order to equip himself or herself better for the next debate or press program. Apart from building self-confidence, skills that could define this student for the rest of his or her life are acquired and the best part of it is that these skills are acquired so early.

4. For Socialization: Many extra-curricular activities have been the meeting point for the best and most successful of friends. As is popularly said “No man is an Island”, being able to socialize with other students of the same interests as you bring a lot of benefits on its own.

Students should be encouraged to participate fully in extra-curricular activities as there are so many life-changing things they stand to gain.


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