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An Introduction To Reading To Impart Or Make Impact - ETCSINES

An Introduction To Reading To Impart Or Make Impact - ETCSINES

As we journey through this world, we meet two categories of people. The first set are those that are in the race to impart, while the second set are those who are bent on making an impact. Whichever you find yourself, just know that both are intertwined and one actually serves as a bedrock to another.

One of the primary ways in which knowledge has been passed across from generations to generations is through books, books are primary way of passing knowledge, and as that, it is expedient for a student to know that the aim of any author of the books read, study or come in contact with was to make an Impart or Impact on the life of the student. 

At the first stage, what happens is that it is imparted, when this knowledge are imparted, what the recipient of that knowledge does with it, will either be recorded as an impact or not. When an individual writes a book out of his own experience and research, if the book become widely accepted, it has made an Impact, when a student picks it up to read, what it does is that it is imparting the student, if the student goes ahead and apply it and becomes someone of substance, carve a niche for him or herself or better put create a legacy in his world through the book he read or study written by that author, then we record it on the student behalf that he has made an Impact.

Note, in the academic world, it will be myopic to say that a book cause a student to make impact, though the book might have been the missing dot that was needed to trigger such success, but it is noteworthy to say that no matter how well written the book is, it takes extra effort on the part of the student and series of impartation from different books written by different authors to make that success possibility. In order words, only one government textbook does not make you a politician but that government is a necessary prerequisite for you to become a politician.

The goal of this week topic is to present student with an opportunity to choose what they want, advise them on what is necessary and educate them on reading to make impact or reading to impart. 

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