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Can Reading Be A Mandate? - ETCSINES

Can Reading Be A Mandate? - ETCSINES

I am not very comfortable starting a write up with a question but it has become necessary so as to create an instant attraction to the eventual readers.

In answering this question we shall consider the fact that it is part of the articles in a series of write up towards making an effort at eradicating the cramming culture amongst students in the Nigeria academic environment.
In other words, as you read and ruminate on the question and the eventual answer,let it flow in your thoughts side by side with the consideration of the student and his academic pursuit.

I will answer the questions with a blazing hot YES and in addition it is compulsory even for a genius or a prodigy to have or adopt a reading mandate.It is akin to asking a fish in water if It can make swimming a mandate.
Now a mandate has been described in the dictionary as
; an official order or commission to do something. I interpret that as a directive given to every student that is offered admission in an educational institution to adopt a reading mandate so that he or she can make a success out
of the academic pursuit. It is not negotiable, it is the bedrock of any likely success,it is the lifeline.
In simpler terms it is a plan on how to go about reading by a student in other to achieve success.
I am an advocate of the Play hard and work hard rule because we all know that all play and no work makes anybody a dull person. The student must have a constant consideration that her presence in the university or the
secondary school is basically to read and make progress, every other activity or action is secondary and should not take priority over reading.

The good student must breath, eat and drink with a conciousness that there is serious reading to be done, it must be next to the skin, the student should wear this thoughts all the time. In consideration of your convenience and preferences as a student you can fashion out Your reading mandate according to your time of maximum assimilation or concentration. Make sure that you have a plan so that you will not plan to fail. Thank you.

Written by: Tola Arawomo

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  1. Goodjob.. You guys have good writing skills and quality contents in your write ups