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Why should we talk about impact? Very simple; It is because impact is our right to exist. We started ETCSINES because we believe that we can show or present people with the opportunity to make right choices in their academic journey. Hence, we need to make ourselves aware on whether we contribute to this ambitious goal  with the work we are doing on a day-to-day basis.

What is impact? According to Oxford dictionary impact is a force or energy of a collusion if two objects or a significant and strong influence. We believe  ETCSINES campaign will have impact on the life of our readers. Note, the two most widely used definitions of impact that will be considered shows a similar divergence of perspectives. These alternate meanings describe fundamentally different views of causality and evoke very different images. This mirrors how the term is used in educational development.The OECD-DAC definition, on the other hand, defines impact much more broadly in terms of any long-term effect, whether intended, unintended, positive, negative, direct or indirect.

How do we make impact in reading? When you use the term impact: are you describing the goals; are you forecasting what kind of effects might be expected; or are you describing actual observed or measured change?

In course of this week write up, it will be made known why impact must be made in reading and how reading has impacted the lives of people. I will plead to our beloved reader to follow through has he put more iceing on the cake has to why impact has to be made in reading.

Writer: Olumide Afuye

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