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Impart! I'll be imparting a little bit of knowledge to you about the word impart in the essence of reading. To impart is to pass on or bestow. As I am sharing this with you, I plan to by this medium impart new knowledge into you. Reading imparts certainty and assurance as well as information. Though its suffix word as part, to  impart does not mean to split into pieces it means to divide knowledge or to share knowledge with another (the reader). 

The ability to impart knowledge and command respect is an essential qualification for books to readers. Books impart impart knowledge to you that you will never forget. Books are of Interest because the information they impart can make an impact on your future as a reader, reading will bestow upon you the confidence to impact on the information you have received through reading by putting them into practice. If you have not been imparted you will not have an impact or you can't impact on what did not impart in you. Reading will give you the desires knowledge that imparts in you in order to make an impact out of the knowledge acquired. 
I will impart this message to you as I will also urge you to always do your part!

Writer: Eniolorunda Oluwapamilerinayo (Waye_Pam)

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