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Examining the phrase "La Cram, 'La Pour, 'La Pass, 'La Forget" - ETCSINES

Examining the phrase "La Cram, 'La Pour, 'La Pass, 'La Forget" - ETCSINES

      This particular phrase has been a widely accepted one that even primary school students today easily inform others of their intention to apply or worse still, how they applied the "principle" of 'La Cram, La Pour' in a particular subject, especially major subjects like Mathematics, English, Basic Science and Basic Technology which has been considered as major subjects which must be passed through with at nothing less than a Pass mark during the years of study in Primary Schools.

        Did I just term the above phrase as a principle? Yes, I did. Sadly, "La Cram, La Pour, La Pass, La Forget" is a widely recognized and accoladed "principle" in Nigeria's Educational System which has been applied over time successfully by Nigerian students at all levels with great pride. 
           It's interesting to know the chain of operation of this principle. As the phrase suggests, it begins with Cramming materials, books and every necessary information needed in examinations. Secondly we have the "La Pour" meaning giving this back in the answer sheet, verbatim.....we do this a lot for formulas and key definition of most terms. Unfortunately, some teachers or lecturers even encourage this as they warn students explicitly not to change the wordings of a scholarly definition, not to twist their meanings, not to change a three or above equational formula. Students who have not been reading ahead of them find this terribly impossible and thus they go for the possible route.....Cramming word for word and pouring it out in the answer sheet. 
          La Pass is applicable in this principle as students get good grades or at least, pass grades and are free from the responsibilities, burdens and "stress" that comes with the subject or course. Judging by the aforementioned, the last part of the phrase is inevitable, "forgetting." This end result is a tragedy to the educational system we are supposed to be proud of. Students forget crammed topics and concepts as they never planned to have a lasting knowledge of it but rather to "pour" it into the answer sheet sending it back to the examiner, pass, then forget the course, subject or examination even ever took place! This is cancerous to Nigeria's Educational System as pathetically, younger generations have started embracing and imbibing this harmful culture. 
         With the attendant implications attached to this phrase/principle, there is no further need to enunciate the fact that the earlier this menace and cankerworm that has eaten deep into our Educational System called "Cramming" and it's element stopped, the better and even best for us all as a individuals, Nation and above all Generation all over the world.

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Writer: Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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