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Has The Phrase 'La Cram, La Pour, La Pass, La Forget' Done More Harm Than Good? - ETCSINES

Has The Phrase 'La Cram, La Pour, La Pass, La Forget' Done More Harm Than Good? - ETCSINES

‘La Cram, La Pour, La Pass, La Forget’; a very popular phrase among students which is self-explanatory. It fully describes how cramming works. You cram, you pour what you’ve crammed out, you pass and you forget what you crammed.

I believe that this phrase has done more harm than good as many students now use it to justify their cramming methods. It has made cramming to be seen as a norm and as a result, many of our graduates today don’t really have anything to offer. 

In school these days, students just see it necessary to pass and move on from the present phase of their lives without actually considering what the next phase would require. There are a lot of factors that influence this kind of thinking anyway. 

Some students don’t want to disappoint their parents by not moving forward when others are moving so they use the quickest means they can think of to pass. Other students have lecturers that want them to give answers the exact way it was stated in their notes and so the students have to sit down and cram the whole note so that he/she will be able to give the lecturer what he/she wants.

There’s a lot that needs to be done to eradicate this system of cramming and it goes as far as changing this mentality, as far as having parents encourage their children and as far as having the lecturers open to getting the different ideas that the students have about a particular course.

Doing those things will ease the students of the tension to just pass and go. It will help them to actually sit down and study and have their own understanding of a particular subject matter rather than cramming the note for the lecturer.

We need more knowledgeable and skillful graduates in Nigeria. There are jobs everywhere, but the necessary skills are not there. Therefore, that phrase should be done away with and students should embrace studying and learning.

No more La Cram, La Pour, La Pass, La Forget


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