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How To Achieve Success Through A Reading Mandate - ETCSINES

How To Achieve Success Through A Reading Mandate - ETCSINES

We have discussed in earlier write ups about the importance of a reading mandate and how vital it is in ensuring academic success.

Today we shall examine challenges that we can encounter in carrying out or accomplishing
a reading mandate and strategies that can help us succeed.

Firstly, There is a need for everystudent to identify that because of our unique personality trait and differences and especially our infuences from the environment as we grow up, there is a tendency that we will have personalreading strength,styles, assimilation rate and retention rate. This easily makes us adopt different reading styles and different times of the day for effective reading and assimilation. This creates a unique reading habit for everyindividual and we need to identify what works for us and fall in love with it. The summary is; identify your reading style and make it work for you.

Avivid encounter was when we were in the Nigeria Law School studying for eligibility to be called to the Nigeria Bar,The system adopted was different because we were to take 7 hours of lecture a day for 5 days a week and for 10 months along with 2 hours of daily tutorials and without taking any test or continous assessment sit for a week of exams; 6 papers in 6 days and a day of objective questions in all the subjects All based over 100.

This reality was scary and a lot of individuals out of fear abandoned their reading patterns and times and started reading out of fear and out of social pressure.Alot of them realised too late that it was not working and could not meet up and eventually failed the bar exams. My cogent advice is do not be swayed, know your strength and use it to your advantage.

Secondly, we should avoid reading with people that can distract or derail us.It is an advantage to have an effective reading partner as it promotes accountability and healthy
competition, but please do not choose a person you have emotional feelings for as a reading partner, it is a sure recipe for disaster.

As I come to a conclusion, I will emphasise some points You need to remember to ensure you suceed with your reading mandate.

1. Identify your reading style and strength and let it work for you.

2. Do not be swayed by pressure to adopt a style and a plan that does not work for you.

3. Do not participate in group tutorials or reading that is not bringing progress.

4. Above all make yourself accoutable and responsible for your success.

A well managed reading mandate is a tool for unlimited success.

Thank you.

I remain Tola Arawomo

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