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Is Imparting and Making Impact Important when Reading? - ETCSINES

Is Imparting and Making Impact Important when Reading? - ETCSINES

         I'll be answering the above question with a resounding yes! The above terms are highly important as they are the sole purposes of reading. At the end of every reading session a student or youth engages in, at least one of these must have been achieved. In every book, a writer pours out his wealth of knowledge and experience on the particular topic the book borders on, thus, imparting this knowledge into the reader is of utmost importance. For every book read, there is a knowledge being imparted from the stables of the writer to the reader. 

             The tendency of this having an impact or effect on the immediate reader and the society in turn at large is dependent on the reader having first contact with the book. Imparting is similar to sowing a seed, when this seed is nurtured rightly, it starts bearing fruits (impacting). 
           An active reader when imparted with the knowledge and experience of the writer, doesn't just stop at receiving the above, rather, he strives to bear fruits from this impartation, he applies the principles garnered from the book in real life situations, in examinations and in his relationship with his immediate society. Thus, this active reader impacts his society with the knowledge imparted on him from the book. 

           However, an inactive reader fails to yield results after the knowledge that has been imparted to him from the reading session. He is vaguely aware of these principles imparted as he did not concentrate and pay close attention to the reading. Thus, this inactive reader is unable to apply these principles and in turn, he is unable to apply them in impacting his environment positively as there is no knowledge to be imparted to others from him. 

          From the above case study of the active reader and inactive reader, both were imparted with knowledge by the writer, however, only one applied this knowledge, imparted it also into others and in turn brings a positive impact in his society with this knowledge.

        Dear reader, you have been reading, you are reading this presently and you will still engage in more reading sessions. Starting from now with the principles in this write-up, (making an impact with the knowledge imparted in the course of reading) will you choose to be an active reader or an inactive one? The chance of your society gaining and being impacted from what has been imparted into you lies in your hands. Today, read to make impact to your society with the knowledge imparted into you. 

I remain, Aduragbemi Akintepede (Duwa_Diva)

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