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Leaders Of Tomorrow - ETCSINES

Leaders Of Tomorrow - ETCSINES

Who are these leaders? It's a common phrase said by many people over the years. You wonder why the people that are addressed in this manner never live up to expectations; only few percent of the people in this category actually put life into these words. What environment is this phrase commonly used in? You will agree with me that it is commonly used in the school environment.

This week we will be examining some basic concepts about leadership and it's relationship to Reading. We will be discussing what it's takes to be a leader?, how effective can you be as a leader?, what makes up a Leader? and so on

Do stay in touch with our daily write-ups and acquire more knowledge as we enlighten you on the essence of Reading and it's relationship to leadership in this campaign

We Love Reading
We Believe in Reading
I Remain Timileyin Oni "God's Intellectual".

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