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Message: Provoked Corpers To Access Bank

Message: Provoked Corpers To Access Bank

Nigeria corpers expressed their bitter feelings concerning the fact that Access Bank Plc exploit them on their monthly allowances paid by the Federal Government. They (corpers) complained that they are trying to manage/bear with the little Government is paying them and yet Access Bank PLC keeps deducting unreasonable charges from them. 

Below is their written feelings;
Dear access bank, The entire Nigeria NYSC corp member is using this medium to plead to the management of ACCESSBANK OF NIGERIA and requesting for fair justice from you regarding the nysc account we're force to open with you ....#STOP DEBITING US... the little money government is paying us is very small to the stress and struggle we're facing currently serving but you keep debiting our accounts for no truthful reasons, Many of us don't have ATM but you keep debiting our accounts (it's not a nice policy) which on is admin fee just in one alawee you have these numerous deductions....we are using the medium to write to the management to please see to this issue and stop  it goes out of hand other banks don't have issues with Corps member nor did they charge them for no reason. Please is this not a savings Account? SAVE NIGERIA CORPERS WE ARE BROKE.
#Stopdebitingus #weareservingthecountry
#Saveus #AccessBank #nysc #savetoday #help

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