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Passion For Change Through Study - ETCSINES

Passion For Change Through Study - ETCSINES

Growing up we were told during the children Sunday school class that God created all things and at the appointed time he will reward every man according to his works.  As I advance in age, with the same knowledge, but with better mindset, I discovered that life is not what I had imagined it to be, if truly God has created all, he has placed some particular set of people to spearhead it and it is the responsibility of this people to do it for the betterment of the people. 

I decided to belong to this particular set of people. I also discovered that all the invention I saw as a little child were created by someone and if adequate time and study were done by me I could do same but I must discover what gave me joy and what I am really passionate about inorder to extend this Joy to others. In a bid to achieve this, I embark on a study of the country I was born into "Nigeria" and how it's current state of development. It got me thinking that I have to be an agent of change in my country but before I can become an agent of change I have to know about the history of the people I have to change and what actually led it to the state in which it is.

As days roll into month and month into Year, I couldn't bear the dilapidated state of the economy. I opted to study history and its has helped me to understand more about my country and how to be an agent of change. With all this, what am I pointing at? They are certain parameters you must consider when choosing a course of study in the university. You have to go for what you have passion for, not only passion, a passion that is bent on making a change in your world.

In choosing a career course, passion is one of the things you have to consider. Most times its not about the pay or opportunity for employment, it about making a change and writing your name in the sands of times. Do something that will make you happy and feel achieved. 

I Stand For Change. 
I Stand For Reading. 
I Support Etcsines.

Writer: Olumide Afuye

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