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Reading To Make Impart - ETCSINES

Reading To Make Impart - ETCSINES

Today I Will make an attempt to define what it means to read with a target of imparting with the knowledge gained. It would really aid our progress if we move forward with a basic definition of the word impart, as this would ensure a collective understanding of our mission for this article.

I consulted a few dictionaries and I finally settled for a simple definition from The English dictionary Which had four meanings for impart as follows;
To give a part or share;
To communicate the knowledge of; 
To make known; 
To show by words or tokens; 
To tell; 
To disclose;
To hold a conference or consultation.
To obtain a share of; 
To partake of.

Reading through the different ways in which the word impart could be used is quite interesting, it appears more comprehensive than I thought it would be. My summary
however is that to impart means to deliberately gain knowledge in other to pass it on to other people. In the context of the series of articles that we have been delivering, it focuses on how a student with the mindset of imparting knowledge,skills or character reads and gains knowledge.Gaining knowledge of this magnitude is not very easy as it entails a lot of focus, hardwork and good strategy.

Reading to impart in this context means that the student Does not only read to pass test or exams but also reads in season and out of season so that he or she can become literary a fountain of knowledge. The student that have studied in this way can effectively organise tutorials, study groups and extramural lessons which can effectively impart the lives of other people.
A student with an aim to impart reads as a discipline and further reads materials and books with the aim of gaining important life lessons and values.This can be valuable in mentoring and providing leadership example.
A student who reads to impart has grown beyond reading to pass exams or excel in academics to reading so as to give life to people's dreams and help in shaping their lives. It is a venture of utmost honour. 

Thank you.

I remain Tola Arawomo

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