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Summary of The Student Mandate - ETCSINES

Summary of The Student Mandate - ETCSINES

One of the things that spurred men to action in our generation is the degree at which an higher authority had influenced on them. Everyone is influenced by something or someone.

This week we considered a very important topic which is title "Student Mandate". We saw that for you to be called a student, there is a lay down rules and principles that must guide your life. One of such rules is Reading, for you to be a student or take upon the personality of a student, then you are mandated to read. One of the things that make you a student is your ability to settle down and study books, acquire knowledge related to your field of study and be able to reproduce them.

A Student Mandate can encounter shortcoming when it is not properly understood, A Student Mandate will let you know the price that it is necessary for you to pay achieve ultimate success. Also, there is one way to fulfill or carry out this Mandate and this is for you to make your book your friend and we were enlighten on how to Make our book our friend.
With this in view we concluded on the topic "Student Mandate"

We believe success can be achieved through reading
We Believe in Reading.
We Support Reading
We are Etcsines

Writer: Timileyin Oni

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