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The Relationship between Your Passion and Your Course of Study - ETCSINES

The Relationship between Your Passion and Your Course of Study - ETCSINES

What is the connection between what you are Studying and what you are passionate about?

Passion sometimes might grow out of the Abundance of attention paid to a particular Field. Sometimes, it is developed while in the pursuit of excellence in a field of study, in other times, it is developed before the advent of your pursuit of your field of study.  One thing is sure, no matter how uninterested an individual is to a course, when adequate attention couple up with external and internal factors like the environment and individuals around, passion tends to grow.

Today we will be taking a look at the relationship between an individual course of study and what it is passionate about. A person might be passionate about Football but the person goes to study English, the first question that you tend to ask an academicians is what exactly is the relationship between the two?

On the other hand, some might ask, how can the two different field be merge together. In a case when what you are passionate about does not tally with your field of study, what exactly do you do?

What you are passionate about sometimes might not be what you are opportune to study. The question remains how do you create a synergy between them. I must point out that if this synergy is not created, you tend to resort to what we have been talking about since the past three month inorder for you to get good grades "Cramming"

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