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What Are The Causes of Short-Cut - ETCSINES

What are the causes of Short-Cut - ETCSINES

Causes of Shortcut In an Academic Sector.
They are various reason why a student would wants to cut corners in an academic sector. They are:

Misplaced Priority
Lack Of Passion
Adequate Academic Environment

Laziness: This stem out of an inability of a student to take matters that bothers on knowledge with seriousness. The lackadaisical and nonchalant attitude of students towards academic has been one of the major force that has contributed to Laziness.

Misplaced Priority: In a world where student major on their minor and minor on their major, misplaced priority is inevitable. Any student that does not set his or her priority right will end up opting for shortcut.

Lack of Passion and Interest: This is a topic that has been discussed in our previous post. Passion is needed for anything to succeed. When passion is missing, the resultant effect of that would be Shortcut.

Conducive Academic Environment: The Environment consist of all that surrounds us, living and non-living, and they are all important to the growth and the success of the students. The lack of this conducive environment make student wants to settle for the next possible options which is a Shortcut to achieve the main goal.

Noteworthy, when things are not done in the normal way, it is equivalent to shortcut. This is why we urge every Nigeria Student not to adopt a means to get things done in the quick. It might looking at first but it will Surely have a ripple effect as time progresses. When applied to reading, it can cause a big problem because a student may miss the original idea that is been displayed.

*Say No To Getting Things Done In The Improper Way.
*Say Yes To Following The Normal Procedure.
*Stand For Reading
*Stand Against Cramming
*Support Etcsines Today

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